8 June 2015

Is the blog dead?

Quite the contrary! The only problem is that I am actually busy doing a lot of work, both scientific and artistic. Meanwhile, last week I had very good time at the Nippop, a cultural event organised in Bologna. It is a kind of congress on contemporary Japanese culture, with a lot of important guests. There were amazing musicians who played live, and talented artists which gave interesting talks. I owe so much to Japanese culture!
It was inspiring to see so many artists all at once. I wanted to put my impressions on paper, and here we are. See you soon!
That's a kind of half-Japanese Alice, which I used to play with watercolours. I must credit also the French comic writer Boulet, which published an interesting video on the subject.

The biggest challenge for a cosplayer is to get the haircut right. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

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